A Little Look Around

This is a re-release of our very first album.  In the intervening years, we’ve done 2 other recordings (Warning Women at Work and A Piece of the Wall). But this lovely album holds the place of honor as the first we recorded as a duo.

ALLA Cover


1. Sing Me a Song With Social Significance (Harold Rome)3:40
2. Know When to Move (John McCutcheon)3:28
3. Canning Salmon (Linda Chobotuk)4:23
4. Rosy, the Riveter – Revisited (Linda Allen)3:02
5. Waitress Song (Susan Lewis)4:22
6. What You Do With What You’ve Got (Si Kahn)3:38
7. The Media (Ewan MacColl)1:58
8. If They Come In The Morning (Jack Warshaw)4:27
9. I’m A Friend of the Fetus (Carole Rose Livingston)2:01
10. My Images Come (Don Cooper)3:01
11. Price Of A Country (John O’Connor)3:56
12. March of Progress (Red Ladder Theatre)4:03

All songs arranged and sung by Rebel Voices (Susan Lewis and Janet Stecher)
©1993 and 1991 Reveille Music