A Piece of the Wall

Guest artists on this recording include: Greg Scott, David Lange, Janet Peterson, Ruthie Dornfeld.


One (Marvin Hamlisch/Paul McKenna)3:24
Borderlines (Valerie DePriest/Gayle Gingrich)3:26
In Contempt (Aaron Kramer/Betty Sanders)2:24
If You Can See Me (David Lippman4:21
Nine Gold Medals (David Roth)2:33
B-Side (Peggy Seeger3:23
Intruders (Leon Rosselson4:57
I Hype the Songs (Bruce Johnstone/Nina Silver) 2:44
Same Merry-Go-Round (Ray Glaser/Bill Wolff)1:46
Billions of Brain Cells (Bill Neeley)2:19
There Is a Wall (Charlie King)3:58
They All Sang “Bread and Roses” (Si Kahn)3:11

All songs arranged and sung by Rebel Voices (Susan Lewis and Janet Stecher), ©1998-99